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We managed the production for the 30+ shows of Hernán Jiménez’s “Se Despichó Tere”, standup comedy season 2019.


We worked with Hernán to design the show´s experience, including custom lighting and set design, sound effects synchronization and floor production.


The 2019 season went live at four different venues: the popular Jazz Café club, the National Auditorium, the Convention Center and the Melico Salazar theater. We adapted the experience and design for each venue.

We worked with Hernán to design the experience of his stand up comedy show “Se Despichó Tere”, which ran for 4 months in 4 venues, live for 20k+ people.

The full show is available here here <-

We sat down with Hernán to understand his vision for the production in order to art direct, develop and produce it. We designed the staging for the show in a module-based on tailored light structures that could be installed in the small stages that fit one hundred people as well as the larger venues for shows that hold audiences of 2,000 per night.

Hernán Jiménez’s “Se Despichó Tere”, standup comedy.

The designed staging and lights fulfilled a double duty of setting the stage and to become a part of the narrative during the show, for which we created light animations and effects for key moments of the show. Each venue required specific features based on the experience designed for the show.
Production and experience design, stage design, lighting, electronics and programming for shows in 4 venues: Jazz Café, National Auditorium, Convention Center and Melico Salazar Theater.

Our thanks to the technical teams of the National Auditorium, Convention Center and Melico Salazar Theater. Quality on time, Odin Taylor, Federico Miranda. Gloria, Isabella and the entire HJ crew team

Project Details

Client: Hernán Jiménez

Date: Friday March 1st, 2019

Experience design. Atmosphere and Floor Production
Technical teams from: Auditorio Nacional, Centro de Convenciones and Teatro Melico Salazar. Calidad a tiempo, Odin Taylor, Federico Miranda. Crew HJ

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