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SC Johnson commissioned us the design of a series of interactive point of purchase stations.


An interactive object capable of detecting shoppers who were approaching and taking product from the shelves.


An experience designed not only to showcase a product, but to entertain people in their shopping environment.

RAID Interactive POP. 10 units as a worldwide pilot being tested at points of purchase in Costa Rica.

We designed and developed an interactive shopping space meant to attract and entertain customers. PULSE worked closely with advertising teams from Argentina and Costa Rica, taking charge of experience design and technology.

We carried out the industrial design of the object and supervised its production. We directed the creation of animated stories and voices of character and original music, as well as the technical aspects and the design of software and hardware technologies that made the project possible.

Project Details

Client: SC Johnson

Date: October 1, 2014

Character Voice / Johanny Hernández Sound Design / Carlos Aguilar - Osopez Imaginary and Animation / Gustavo Cosenza - Inventaria.
Experience, design and development / Pulse

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