Claro Costa Rica celebrated its fifth anniversary and comissioned us the design and execution of the live experience for its celebration.

A multi-projected stage hosted Adal Ramones as MC with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Costa Rica.


We took the best advantage of a small space achieving a clean multiple projection system, leaving the equipment out of sight. A flawless and consistent staging.


El resultado fue una noche emotiva de celebración y fiesta. Incluyó entrevistas en vivo con los directores de Claro Costa Rica y México, stand up comedy de Adal Ramones y un concierto con lo mejor del repertorio de la Orquesta Filarmónica de Costa Rica.

The result was an emotional night of celebration and partying. It included live interviews with the directors of Claro Costa Rica and Mexico, stand-up comedy by Adal Ramones and a concert with the best repertoire of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Costa Rica.

An impeccable live experience onstage with multiple, 12K projection.

Project Details

Client: Claro Costa Rica

Date: December 1, 2016

Technical implementation: Calidad a Tiempo / Video/photo documentation: Roberto D´Ambrosio

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