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DIANA, the leading snack company in Central America, undertook the search for the Guatemalan team for Russia 2018.


For FIFA World Cup season, DIANA launched the promo “Ficha GT” to select 11 lucky winners of a trip to Russia.


We fabricated the winning chips that were to be found in random nacho bags, under the highest safety standards.

Guatemala did attend Russia 2018 and our team backed up DIANA on the search of their selected team of winners.

We designed and fabricated the “GT Chips”, 1:1 scale replicas of DIANA ´s famous nacho chips. We created a concept for a nacho that would comply with health requirements for the food involved and the safety of participants, therefore the brand.

We used organic materials in the fabrication of the models, made in our inhouse lab. We inserted electronic pieces inside of the winning chips, so thin that they weren’t intervened nor damaged during the industrial and distribution process of the products.

We also fabricated an electronic reader able to identify the legitimate winning chips from any attempt of copy or fraud.

The nacho models were created so that their thickness, shape and texture were similar enough so buyers were not able to detect anything different inside the packages.

The models underwent a disinfection process of 4 steps, to guarantee sterilization and security in contact to real nacho chips in the bags.

The same promo was later replicated with new competitions by the brand, a success and precedent for the use of technology in promo and food categories.

Project Details

Date: Monday January 1st, 2018

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