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Auto Mercado promotes Movimiento Rosa, an initiative to fight breast cancer that focuses on collecting funds for early detection and timely treatment of this disease.


We intervened the supermarket’s physical space and managed its social network channels to transform the campaign from its inception to the execution, with the use of technology and design.


During three years, working for one month each year, we have managed to surpass each fund-raising goal, reaching a total of over 740k USD that are invested directly for early detection and treatment of breast cancer in Costa Rica.

The main goal of the campaign is to raise funds in cash and through the purchase of sponsored products that support Movimiento Rosa. Each year, different causes are supported: In 2015, it was devoted to remodeling of the Salón Rosa, in 2016, for purchasing mammography equipment for Clínica Clorito Picado and in 2017, to perform mammographies in remote areas and without coverage for this type of exam.

Each year, our work begins with the general conceptualization of the campaign. This concept inspires the graphic design work, carried out for printed and digital media, in points of sale, social networks, stadiums, OOH, interaction design and other applications.

However, the main channel for communicating this campaign to its target audience is points of purchase. We imagine executions that transform everyday elements of a supermarket into interactive objects and spaces.

For instance, we adapt the cash registers into a celebration space, using programming and electronics, that changed the color of the space every time a customer donated for the campaign, motivating and turning it into a social event, a celebration.

Also, we designed a system that connects shopping carts with a network of micro-location sensors installed in supermarkets, to develop an interactive experience that informs the buyer, aisle by aisle, of the products that have higher contribution to the campaign, as well as general information and videos, in order to change purchase behaviours and to favor the objectives of the campaign.

Sponsors are key agents of this campaign. For them, we designed a form of direct shipment: infographic boxes that invited these people to join the objective of Movimiento Rosa. One by one, they were made by hand, and recreated, metaphorically, through narrative, the waiting time patients go through.

The digital communication strategy focuses on digital channels. The goal is to inform, educate and encourage early detection of breast cancer and participation in the campaign.

To accomplish this, and in the hands of experts, every year we produce audiovisual materials, video and animation, with information about this disease, information regarding the goal of each year’s campaign, the different ways of donating, promotions, recipes, raffles and other activities with the public, maintain a very high traffic before, during and after the month of October.

Project Details

Client: Auto Mercado

Date: October 1, 2017

Movimiento Rosa 2015 was awarded in Effie Awards 2016 with a gold Effie in the Shopper Experience category.
Film: Gustavo Cosenza y Jorge Mario Zuleta Photography and video: Roberto D’ Ambrosio

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