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Our crew took to Shanghai, China, to install and implement Costa Ricás country brand experience space at the Import Export fair, commissioned by the government´s trade office Procomer.


To promote connections between the country and the visitors to the fair, we designed an interactive space where the visual and soundscapes were created by the participants themselves.


As hard as it is to capture visitor´s attention at big fairs, involving their participation with a fun and sensory experience was the key to impress in China.

To relax in a rocking chair, beholding a Cortez Amarillo tree, a natural waterfall, the rain and the sun. Like in Costa Rica, but in China.

Visitors of Essential Costa Rica´s interactive space at the Shanghai Import Export fair 2018 were able to develop their own visual and soundscape themselves, generated by their interaction and movements. We intervened traditional rocking chairs with sensors and an audiovisual and real time interaction system to develop an engaging experience to promote Costa Rica.

Project Details

Client: Procomer

Date: Monday November 5th, 2018

Designing of the space and development of an Interactive Instalation with connected objects.
For Procomer - Marca País Esencial Costa Rica.

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