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Scotiabank + ESPN documentary series featuring Barcelona soccer idol Carles Puyol and the Scotiabank Fútbol Club of Latin American youth.

Our role

We carried out the executive production, castings and filming for Costa Rica, in coordination with production teams from 12 countries led by Cine70 Films of Perú.


Chapter 6 explores the life of Sebastián, a Costa Rican goalkeeper for the Scotiabank Futbol Club, who represents the value of integrity.

El Entretiempo is a Scotiabank + ESPN documentary series produced in 2020. The series documents the aspirations of young people on the Scotiabank Fútbol Club team throughout Latin America, led by Spanish idol Carles Puyol.

Each chapter explores a value represented in each of the young people on the team, in the context of 2020 facing the health crisis caused by COVID-19.

For this project, we carried out executive production, castings, and filming in coordination with the Latin American production teams led by Cine70 films in Perú. The process was done remotely in its entirety. We maintained live communication during all phases of the project, including the casting and filming, with CINE70 constantly present.

An unprecedented process and one more demonstration of the power of flexibility and the possibilities of remote work, which, although started due to the health emergency that began in 2020, can be successfully maintained for future opportunities.

Sebas is the Costa Rican player on the team. He is a goalkeeper and lives in the city of Palmar Norte, in the southern part of the country. He is the protagonist of Episode 6, about integrity in life.

Watch the documentary here

Project Details

Client: Scotiabank Fútbol Club

Date: Wednesday January 20th, 2021

Executive production, castings and filming for Costa Rica
General production: Cine70 Films Executive Production for Costa Rica : Pulse Direction and film: Nosotros Films

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