Eclipse is a space dedicated to light. Brush it with the body, turn it into sound, pass through it and move within it. Draw new landscapes.


We presented this installation as invited artists to Festival Internacional de las Artes 2017. “Children’s City” at the former customs house was the headquarters of Eclipse.


Around four thousand people were expected during the ten days of the festival. Almost twenty thousand people participated in Eclipse, surpassing all visiting expectations.

Eclipse is a large-scale public art installation, commissioned by FIA 2017 and designed for families in all formats.

We designed a space to experience and feel the light through movement, sight, hearing and touch. Immersing yourself in the installation means exploring the cycle of light and, at the same time, enjoying the sensations that this can evoke with textures, colors, shapes and sounds.

Like a game, Eclipse invites a free path, igniting desire to discover.

Project Details

Client: CPAC del Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud

Date: Thursday June 29th, 2017

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