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An experimental and collaborative project that explores the representation of the moving body and the 3D graphic intent.


For the first piece of this series, we chose to study the body in motion.


Our curiosity was the drawing line to experience new forms of image creation and representation, and to create a “volumetrically accessible” video.

DEPTH is our experimental film project using new audio-visual tools and technologies.

The experience we have gathered with the use of technology has only managed to ignite even more our curiosity for image creation and representation. For the first piece of this series, we chose to study the body in motion.

With an aesthetic intent full of clarity and confusion, Depth 1 is possible thanks to the collaboration between Pulse, Andamio Escuela de Movimiento and Sergio Pucci as director of photography.

We present this first piece, a film whose outline is born from the implementation of RGBD, a technique developed by James George, to achieve a volumetrically accessible video. We are excited to use this resource which we have studied for several years thanks to the EyeBeam Foundation of New York.

Project Details

Client: Andamio

Date: August 1, 2015

A PULSE 2016 production / Choreography: Melania Fernández and Andrés Ávila / Director of Photography: Sergio Pucci / Art Direction: Diana Zuleta.
Technology: Nicolás Bautista / Design: Juan David González / Post-production: Jorge Mario Zuleta / Production: Esteban Miranda / Production Assistant: Marcela Amador

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