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We turned Barrio into a visual labyrinth that captivated visitors between translucent fabrics, generative graphics, projection and focused audio.


Event was organized by Barrio, in the Steinvorth building, as a prelude to the performance of local band Hijos.


Barrio is a platform of social innovation, a place of exchange and encounter of contemporary culture and collective creation.

An abstract space that abstracts us from the location of the installation. A spatial design that reminds of childhood play and games in family backyards. A déjà vu.

Visual and interactive installation of semi-translucent screens forming a labyrinth of light, localized ultrasonic sound, multiple projectors and custom software for the installation.

Generative graphics that reacted in real time through sound and ambient stimuli. Abstract visual languages and an installation that served us as playground to experiment and test new techniques.

Project Details

Client: Barrio

Date: September 18, 2016

Concept and production: PULSE / Technical implementation: Odin Taylor / Installation, design and development: PULSE / Documentation: Roberto D´Ambrosio

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