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For the first time in Debi Nova’s career, she turned into a YouTube live streamer star. We created a content strategy that could entertain thousands of viewers for more than one hour, live.


The live concert aimed the realease of “3:33”, Debi Nova’s newest album, and its official presentation to the public.

COVID - 19

One of the most important aspects to take care of in this production was the health and well-being of everyone, both the crew and the fans.
We had the opportunity to design a visually beautiful space that met the standards of health against the pandemic.

We worked with Debi Nova to create the experience of her online show “3:33”, which was streamed online on YouTube Live to more than 10,000 people.

We faced the challenge of presenting the new album by the Costa Rican singer. Titled 3:33, this album reflects over the passage of time, which is also a valuable resource in a live stream: managing to keep an active and attentive audience during the entirety of a show transmitted over digital networks.

In the midst of the pandemic, there were many restrictions and few options to create a traditional setting for the event.
To achieve this show, we turned Miut Audio recording studio into a convenient space for setup, instruments, and equipment in a setting that would reflect the essence of 3:33.

From this acoustic space we transmited the concert surrounded by ambient light, guitar and choirs in a physical scenic design, mixed with a digital space to allow the participation of the pianist Dennis Hamm on projection over a custom surface.

The concert ended with moving lights to color the room and fill it with romance over a piano arrangement using a conventional disco ball.

We turned a recording studio into three ideal stages for the playlist that Debi prepared for her fans. The concert was an afternoon full of charisma, speeches and a lot of music, which motivated more than one fan to continue believing in cycles and to be carried away by the ups and downs of life, which in the end are “3:33”. shows.

Project Details

Client: Debi Nova

Date: July 26, 2020

Staging and experience - Pulse
Audio- Miut Audio Recording and graphic design assistant - Felipe Pérez Technical and mounting assistant - Juan Carlos Pardo Camera production and direction - Fernanda Segura y Daniela Hernández Chorus - Kumary Sawyers y Sharow Granera Keys in Sunrise - Dennis Hamm Glam - Gabriel Hidalgo Vestry - Mauricio Cruz Production Manager - Kevin Vargas

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