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Cinde Job Fair is the annual job fair organized by CINDE. It is the largest in the country, and brings together hundreds of applicants of all ages with national and transnational companies in search of talent.


Job Fair is more than interview appointments, it is content, education and networking. We worked as a team with CINDE to design the 2020 experience, a system that would allow visitors to find and enjoy everything the fair offers.


We created “Job Land”, a concept of a city, with parks, gardens, teaching campuses and an “opportunity city”. In addition, we created learning and interaction experiences.

In collaboration with CINDE, we created the concept and experience for Job Fair 2020, held at the Costa Rica Convention Center. We designed information and navigation systems, graphics and animations, as well as interactive installations for the attendees.

This fair is much more than interview appointments. How do you get attendees to take advantage of all that Cinde Job Fair has to offer? We created CINDE Job Land, a place to learn, enjoy and find job opportunities. We designed the experience under the concept of a city, navigable like a map, with parks, gardens, campus and of course “opportunity city”. Among the activities designed for visitors, we developed two interactive information zones that collected results for CINDE. Also, we created the visual design of the space, graphic design of banners, informational signage, a photobooth 360, videos and audiovisual products.

Project Details

Client: CINDE

Date: February 10, 2020

Conceptualization. Experience design and navigation. Graphic, audiovisual and information design.
Collaboration with NorteSur Arquitectos

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