We envisioned the relaunch concept of the web platform, for bank BAC San José.


We told a story for and with their audience, seeking to bring the digital platform as close as possible to a physical reality.


This mixed technique required filming equipment, animation, generative graphic composition and video mapping, acting and design techniques.

We conceptualized an empathic and immersive narrative space, to bring the new features and services of BAC Credomatic’s website to a digitally operated physical space.

For this project, we identified the most important types of users of the bank and we turned them into familiar characters and in everyday situations. We built a script capable of communicating all the new features of the website and designed an immersive scene for each of the characters. With this narrative we illustrated how the bank’s new services could have a positive impact on their customers.

The technical design of this project was a detailed and complex process, from choosing the right film studio, to the type of lens and the speeds and positions of the camera during filming to ensure perspective.

Real-time 2D and 3D content with variations of the virtual focal length of the camera, programmable length generative content on set, 8 projectors, laser alignment and a multimedia system capable of customization on set.

Project Details

Client: BAC Credomatic

Date: February 2, 2016

Concept, Design and Technology: PULSE. / Technical Implementation: Odin Taylor. / Producer: Fulfierros. / Director: Tavo Loría. / Executive Producer: Brian Bonilla. / Field production: Jacob Lizano. / Art Direction: Olga Madrigal.
Director of Photography: Antonio Bolandi. / Assistant Director: Francisco Chino González. / Make-Up: Flory Mora. / Music and Sound Design: Audio Box - Ernesto Fiks. / Voice: Karina Mora. / Editing: Andrés Rojas.

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