The artist Diego Van Der Laat invited us to collaborate in his piece for the exhibition “Current conclusions on originary art”, a series of reflections on pre columbian an columbian times.


As a team, we designed AESTUS, an interactive mixed reality piece. The piece is a composition of wood, water, sensor, projected images and audio.


Disrupting the calm. As long as the work does not detect any presence, it remains calm. Proximity generates distortion in the water and audio effects, interpreting a historical moment.

AESTUS was presented to the public during January and February 2017 at the Jade Museum in San José, Costa Rica.

Project Details

Client: Diego Van Der Laat

Date: December 1, 2016

Concept: Diego Van Der Laat / Installation Design: PULSE / Technical Production and Development:: PULSE / Digital Production: San José Revés

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