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Typically, a project starts one of two ways: a client brings us an idea or shares with us a problem to solve. We begin with a diagnosis: we conduct research on the problem and its specific conditions, such as spaces, dates, audiences, etc. Depending on the nature of the project, we define a process, which usually involves design stages, prototyping, development, and implementation, or a deeper consulting and research analysis. After diagnosing, a project can be quoted accurately. The delivery format will depend on the nature of the project and the stages contracted.

It depends on its complexity. A minimum development time of 4-5 weeks could be estimated, although there are projects of greater and lesser scale. The internal processes of the client must also be taken into consideration. Since the project agenda is usually booked a couple of months in advance, we recommend getting in touch as soon as you have a project in mind. Tell us about your idea, write us a message using the form, or via

Costs vary depending on the type of project and the process it entails. For example, there are differences between the development of an installation, the design of a product or a consultancy process. There are other factors that influence an estimation, such as location, timeframe, equipment and development required, among others. All of this is considered to define scope and costs. For more detail, write us a message via the form below, or via email:

Yes, we normally do. We have vast experience in implementing projects in the region and are eager to continue expanding our frontiers. Tell us about your project, with a message using the contact form below, or via:

Approach us, either way! We can start working from a specific idea or just with a goal in mind. We will do a debriefing together to come up with a concept and move on to the following stages. Our process is highly collaborative with customers and suppliers.

We have a very active program for welcoming interns and graduation projects, though not as many vacancies as we would like, so we must be very selective. Write us an e-mail at with your profile, the description and term of the project and the reasons why you wish to do it with us.

<3 At this time, we are not hiring permanent positions. However, we do not rule out doing so soon. We love to receive candidate profiles by email: that include resume, portfolio, a description of the applicant, and the reasons of why you would like to be part of our team.

Of course! Send us a message using the form below or contact our administrative assistant at to set up an appointment.

Thank you! We love to share what we do and how we do it. Please, send us a message via our team lead, for more details.

We love to have groups in the studio and also to go out and share our work. Send us a message using the contact form or contact our administrative assistant at to set up an appointment.

Very much so. Please, write us a message via to talk about the project.


San José. Costa Rica.


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