Somos Pulse, a global innovation lab and design studio using tech to communicate, creating products, spaces and multi sensory experiences.

Celebrating 10 years

We use technology in clever ways from a unique interdisciplinary view to communicate in new and exciting ways, creating multi sensory experiences that combine sensors, video, audio, light, architecture and interaction into exhibitions, brand spaces, stages, objects and even services.

We transform everyday spaces, allowing participation, surprise and wonder. We believe that technology can bring us present. In creating interfaces that involve our senses and mix realities. We believe in using design in service of interaction and humans to create our spaces, understand our own culture and solve wicked problems.

Transforming everyday spaces into interactive landscapes, combining architecture and technology. A study of design and interaction in combination of various technologies and techniques, synching special effects, video, lights and music, allow the creation of new participation spaces.

Pulse is VJ from birth. We are passionate about creating moments on stage. We design moments for all types of events where the focal point is a stage. Our passion for shows feeds on experimentation with all types of technology and materials, which defines us as a studio.

We boost commercial communication, discover new mediums and produce messages that awe. We conceptualize and participate in advertising campaigns designed to surpass expectations and motivate behaviors. We create installations for point-ofpurchase spaces, direct mailing experiences, and product/service design.

Experimentation with techniques, technologies, materials, spaces and concepts is what makes us who we are. We collaborate with artists, performers, musicians and all types of institutions to find excuses to play and even create our own hardware and software tools. Anything goes.

Every design opportunity is unique. Design for unique opportunities, adapting our process to specific problems and audiences. For festivals, art, public spaces and any nontraditional format, we create experiences that connect a message to its target audience in unexpected and exciting ways.

The best outcomes are the result of having the ability to identify the correct problem to solve. To achieve this, design is key. We share the methodologies and thought processes which we have built over the years, for co-creative problem solving in communication, service and product design.